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The Biggest Advantage of Digital Products is "You Don't Need to Re-invest in Building Each Quanities" that Means You Keep 100% Margin on the Products

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From the Desk of Anand Prajapati
Gurugram, Haryana

Dear Hustlers,

When I started my journey online again in 2020 after failing for almost 2.5 Years. Tried Blogging, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing and Different Other Stuff that Youtubers Were Telling.

Untill I got introduced to the Sales Funnel World, Russell Brunson. I didn't know there is a huge potential of building our own digital product and creating digital assets.

Then I took the learning serious and started investing in mentors to learn those secret skill that usually no youtubers or influence will tell you.

So far I have invested more than 4.5 Lakhs in training and softwares for last 2 years and that has given me a tremenduous value of return in terms of financial, mental and physical.

Very soon it helped me leave my ₹50K per month soul sucking job.

Now, I am a full time Sales Funnel & Facebook Ads Specialist. In the last 2.5 Year I have served more that 30+ Indian and Overseas clients to scale their business using my flagship sales funnel process.

Nowadays, a lot of newbies come to me and ask Anand I want to become like you and earn money online and the simple answer I give to them is don't try to be like me.

Rather find something that excites you doing and you will love to do that even in your half sleep and build your product and the whole business around that.

But majority one had a common question what to build and how to find what they love.

That's why I have come to a conclusion and build 41 Digital Product Ideas to Build Multiple Source of Passive Income.